dP Studio

Sound mixing & recording, Voice Over, Post-production in Turin 
"managed by Paolo Perotti (EBU provider) since 2004"

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surround film mix,
quality check, audio-descrizioni, doppiaggio, mastering delivery,  remote recording

Latest News
2023: Deer Girl - Ventura/Vivo Film (SD+Sound Mixing
2022: Grease "Rise of the Pink Ladies" PARAMOUNT (ADR rec
2022: Jurassic World "Il dominio" UNIVERSAL/Arcadia (ADR rec
2022: FCA "500BEV" Prodigious/Leo Burnett (Loc. Recordist
2022: We wear culture Louis Vuitton SEASONS (re-rec + Mix
2021: Miles away - Pivot Pictures (Surround mix
2021: Tonino De Bernardi - Un tempo, un incontro (surround mix
2020: Chika, the dog in ghetto (re-recording & post-sound mixer
2019: Missing Nail with Peter Greenaway (Manager/Sound Mixer 
2019: Buio - Courier Film (Boom op. 
Some Gear:
Pre Neve 1073, Mic Neumann U87Ai, AKG 414 Uls, Trident 24ch
API 512, Avid Protools Ultimate, 5x Adam A77x,SSL Fusion, SPL Mixdream, SoundDevice, Antelope Audio, Lynx, AudioEase, Source Connect provider
Some Instruments:
VINTAGE Drum Ludwig "Ringo" Black Oyster Pearl 1962
Vintage Fender Precision Bass 1977
Vintage Gibson 335TD 1974
1963 Bassman

Main Studio + Control Room
Vocal Booth

We're in Turin (Magazzini Docks Dora MCMXII) 
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Apple and Avid 110certification, Apple Digital Master and Source-Connect provider, Ambisonic ambiences, ADR dialogue and Sfx for 3D sound & music production:
I am a location sound mixer/recordist and post-production engineer, equipped with latest audio technologies and studio facilities. Some of our customers: Rai Broadcastig Television ITA, NHK digital Japan, European Broasdcasting Union, Museo del Cinema and much more.

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Studio Rates

Rec / ADR / Mix:

First and second hour 350 € tot. (includes 30 minutes for tests*).
extra charge +50 for Source Connect Standard*, Zoom.

Third and following hours 90 €.

Out Of Hours 50€ (compared to booking)

For Italian customers, add 22% IVA (VAT)

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Audionauta di Perotti Paolo
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P.IVA/VAT: IT08887920018

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